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Interactive classification

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Intuitive Chat Interface

Our user-friendly chat interface makes product classification as easy as a conversation. Simply enter a product description or paste a link, and traideGo takes care of the rest - taking your classification decision to the next level!

Precision and Compliance

Accuracy matters. That's why traideGo uses official customs data for precise classifications. But we don't stop there - we also provide detailed explanations behind each classification, ensuring compliance and giving you a robust audit trail.

Interactive Guidance

Don't guess, know. TraideGo's interactive system guides you during the classification process, asking for additional information when necessary. This results in high-confidence classifications and the assurance you need for your trading processes

How traideGo works
Initiate Classification

Kick-start the classification process with ease. Type in your product description or paste your product link into the traideGo chat, and let our AI do the rest.

Interaction and Confirmation

Need to clarify something? No problem. TraideGo interacts with you during the process, asking for more details if necessary. We make sure that we understand your product fully for accurate classification.

Understand the Outcome

Clarity is key. Once your product is classified, traideGo provides you not only with the classification number but also an in-depth explanation of the classification, ensuring you're informed every step of the way.

What our customers say

Customer Stories
traide AI in their words.
  • "Since our launch, we have been operating under a consistent procedure with transparent tariff decisions and documentation. We are able to save 75 percent of our time while simultaneously improving the quality."

    Sabrina Stegnitz

    Manager for Customs and Foreign Trade Finance & Controlling bei der igus® GmbH

    "We are particularly pleased that it is very easy to upload and classify new products in Traide AI. This makes us very flexible. The functionality that ensures the assigned customs tariff numbers are constantly checked and updated is also very useful, keeping the classification always up to date."

    Dr. Luisa Däßler

    Head of Accounting and Tax at KoRo Handels GmbH

    "As service providers, we handle customs procedures for goods shipments for customers from a wide variety of sectors. In doing so, we deal with goods from the entire customs tariff. Traide enables us to quickly assess the plausibility of the customs tariff numbers to be declared and effectively protects our customers from mistakes in the customs declaration."

    Tim Mayer

    Snr. Specialist Customs Organization & Governance, Schenker AG Deutschland

Driving efficiency and compliance in global trade

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Driving efficiency and compliance in global trade

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Driving efficiency and compliance in global trade

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