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precise mass classfication

Manage and classify effortless your entire product catalog in a compliant & accurate way.

Empowering mass classification.

traidePlatform takes care of your entire product catalog. Effortless classification, management and audit.

The only solution you need.

Mass classification within seconds and with highest accuracy

100% control about the classification results

Always up to date with the newest updates and regulations

Experience the Future of Product Classification

Efficient & compliant
with traide

traidePlatform scales your classification process to the maximum by ensuring the highest level of compliance through the his innovative features.

Mass Classification

Classify your products in small or large badges.

Use our API or bulk upload to integrate your individual product information, grab a coffee and our AI takes over the work - don't worry, you can double-check every decision!


Accuracy and compliance matters.

That's why traidePlatforms checks constantly new and exciting data for precise classifications. Are there any changes or updates? Something went wrong in the past? No Problem! traide will find the errors.

Overview & Insights

We know, you're responsible for your customs data!

traide is there to help you to make your job easier by providing you with the right information. You get the total overview and insights about your products and the decisions.

How the traidePlatform works
Integrate your products

Initiate the mass-classifiation and audit process effortlessly. Integrate traidePlatform seamlessly into your existing systems using our API or utilize our user-friendly bulk upload feature, and allow our AI to handle the rest.

Review the results and manage your open tasks

Our AI-powered system will swiftly analyze and classify each product within seconds and will give you easy to manage tasks

  • Double-check the classification results provided by TraidePlatform.

  • If needed, refine and adjust classifications based on your specific requirements.

Effortlessly manage your products throughout the year

Benefit from traidePlatform's continuous updates, ensuring your product classifications are always up to date with the latest regulations and look up or add even more customs information like measures, other nomenclatures or preferences.

What our customers say

Customer Stories
traide AI in their words.
  • "Since our launch, we have been operating under a consistent procedure with transparent tariff decisions and documentation. We are able to save 75 percent of our time while simultaneously improving the quality."

    Sabrina Stegnitz

    Manager for Customs and Foreign Trade Finance & Controlling bei der igus® GmbH

    "We are particularly pleased that it is very easy to upload and classify new products in Traide AI. This makes us very flexible. The functionality that ensures the assigned customs tariff numbers are constantly checked and updated is also very useful, keeping the classification always up to date."

    Dr. Luisa Däßler

    Head of Accounting and Tax at KoRo Handels GmbH

    "As service providers, we handle customs procedures for goods shipments for customers from a wide variety of sectors. In doing so, we deal with goods from the entire customs tariff. Traide enables us to quickly assess the plausibility of the customs tariff numbers to be declared and effectively protects our customers from mistakes in the customs declaration."

    Tim Mayer

    Snr. Specialist Customs Organization & Governance, Schenker AG Deutschland

Driving efficiency and compliance in global trade

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Driving efficiency and compliance in global trade

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Driving efficiency and compliance in global trade

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