Customs Classification at a Glance: Introduction of traideGO

traide AI GmbH

January 23, 2024

In this blog post, we address questions regarding the data utilization of our AI in customs classification. Would you like to experience traideGO in action? Schedule a free and non-binding live demo using this Link.

Which datasets does traideGO use in customs classification?

Our AI primarily utilizes, in accordance with the General Interpretation Rules (GIRs), the wording of positions, sub-positions, and all types of notes in the Combined Nomenclature. Additionally, the AI considers the context of the most recent customs tariff-relevant information, including Explanatory Notes, ECJ judgments, EU regulations, statements of the Customs Code Committee and BTIs.

How does the classification process look like with traideGO?

The whole customs classification process with traideGO consists of only two steps:

  1. Enter the product description.

  2. Start the classification process and get a tariff number with justification.

The AI processes the entered or generated product information within seconds and proposes a customs tariff number with justifications.

What input data does traideGO require?

At traide AI, we understand that crafting an accurate product description for customs classification can be challenging. To facilitate this process, traideGO offers users three distinct options to choose from.

1. Enter a product description directly or

2. Use an URL link of a product or

3. Use the AI Product Description Generator, which automatically generates a proper description from screenshots.

The Product Description Generator enables the production of customs tariff product descriptions from various sources such as technical drawings, websites, or PDF documents. Our AI extracts the relevant information and creates the ideal product description for customs classification. See below an example.

Screenshot example

Generated description for the classification

Result with predicted tariff number and justification

Would you like to learn more about the features of our tool? We'd be happy to demonstrate them to you in a free and non-binding live demo via screen sharing. Schedule your appointment using this Link.

Driving efficiency and compliance in global trade

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Driving efficiency and compliance in global trade

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Driving efficiency and compliance in global trade

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